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About Us

Feroza is a young and dynamic company specializing in importing medical equipment, consumables and
supplies and it’s a part of a group of companies under the name of: “Feroza International LLP”
specializing in, medical and medicines trading, electro medical and other medical related supplies in
Feroza established as an independent company in 2022. But CEO Mr. Kamran was in the industry from
2005 with various companies in Key Roles. From 2013 Feroza is supplying medical equipment and
consumables for private and public sectors, about (50 private clinics, 5 public polyclinics), provide the
full equipment for operation theater and intensive care unit and Radiology.
Feroza had corporate with global companies from different countries like Toshiba, Siemens, Joint Star,
Nal von Minden and started importing refurbished high tech equipment that includes C-ARMs, X-Rays,
MRI, Ultra sounds, Defebs, and critical care equipment’s in Pakistan.
Feroza have about 20 employees (equipment department 11 employees, consumable department 4
employees, pharmaceutical department 4 employees), administration department 3 employees. The
company have a 1000 Sq Yard warehouse in Karachi Pakistan with international standard.

Our Vision

We are working persistently to provide more developed health care, products, services, and assisting
health care providers with their career, while adhering to our ethical values and respecting social and
environmental concerns which will be positively reflected in our customer’s satisfaction, excellent
teamwork performance and high-quality business sector.

Mission Statement

To be the biggest trading company in Pakistan by 2030 in the medical field.

Our Values

• Professionalism.

• Creativity.

• Trust.

• Supporting leader to achieve vision.

• Staff rights.

• Customer satisfaction.

• Focusing on our client’s

• Believe in our mission.